MP TRANS offers a wide range of solutions in the field of air freight organization. This enables us to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers.

The main solutions are:

Economic air freight

This is the cheapest option of air transport. When delivery time is not critical, we take advantage of economic solutions that allow us to reduce costs significantly. There are airlines on the air services market that offer services with a slightly longer delivery time, but which are much cheaper than standard solutions in direct flights. Such airlines and their services constitute the basis of economic transport.

Standard air freight

These transports are classified between economic and NFO transports. When organising them, we use basic air services that are a compromise between delivery time and the price of the service. This is a basic solution for medium sized shipments, which do not require a very urgent delivery.

NFO air freight

Air transports in NFO (NEXT FLIGHT OUT) system, i.e. with the earliest possible date of departure, are transports for which the best and most reliable air services are used, assuring the priority of departure of goods.

On-Board Courier Services

There are situations when the quantity of goods, location of the place of delivery, time needed for delivery cause that the most effective way to deliver goods is to send a courier or couriers with the goods declared as a passenger luggage. We can offer our customers comprehensive on-board courier services in the door-to-door system to any destination in the world.

Aircraft charters

When the dimensions of the goods, the flight schedule or the availability hours of the goods make it impossible to use the on-board courier service and when the delivery is of the highest priority, the solutions used are based on chartered aircraft, which will transport the goods to the specified destination in the quickest way. MP TRANS has repeatedly organized charters for its clients. Knowledge of issues related to the organization of charters, attention to detail and professional approach contribute to the fact that our charters are always successful.