Nowadays, the speed of people and goods movement is a very important part of the supply chain. Standardization of production, validation of suppliers on the international level, reduction of the stock level in companies and huge production volumes result in the fact that every disruption in the supply chain causes huge costs for the company. An example is the situation which took place in 2017, when the cost of a 40-minute shutdown of a production line in one of BMW Group’s factories was estimated at EUR 1 million.

MP Trans understands the complexity of supply chain processes and meets the requirements of our customers by offering a wide range of time-critical transport services.

Express road freight

These are transports carried out by dedicated vehicles. Usually we use the vehicles with a total weight of up to 3.5 tons, which allow us to deliver the goods to their destination most quickly.

Our company has carried out many such transports. If you want to learn more about one of the projects, namely transports between the Czech Republic and Portugal with a transit time of 28 hours, please visit the news section.

NFO Cargo Air Freight

Air transports in the NFO system, i.e. with the earliest possible date of departure, are transports for which the fastest and most reliable air services are used, assuring the priority of departure of goods.

MP TRANS thanks to its extensive network of contacts and experienced staff in the field of air freight is able to offer you air transport services from any place in the world. We invite you to get acquainted with the typical organization of air freight between China and Poland in the NFO standard.

On-Board Courier Services

There are situations when the quantity of goods, location of the place of delivery, time needed for delivery cause that the most effective way to deliver goods is to send a courier or couriers with the goods declared as a passenger luggage.

We can offer our customers comprehensive on-board courier services in the door-to-door system to any destination in the world. Interested persons are invited to learn more about the process of the on-board courier service. In this case, it will be an urgent transport from Poland to the United Kingdom.

Charters of airplanes and helicopters

When the dimensions of the goods, the flight schedule or the availability hours of the goods make it impossible to use the on-board courier service and when the delivery is of the highest priority, the solutions used are based on chartered aircraft, which will transport the goods to the specified destination in the quickest way.

MP TRANS has repeatedly organized charters for its clients. Knowledge of issues related to the organization of charters, attention to detail and professional approach contribute to the fact that our charters are always successful. After clicking on the link you can learn how MP TRANS helped to maintain the continuity of production of a large car manufacturer in Portugal.

Customized solutions

Time-critical transports bring also challenges to transport companies when it comes to looking for non-standard solutions. One example of such a service may be a transport by car and train between London UK and LE Mans FR.

Our employees are not afraid of extraordinary challenges and always strive to find the most optimal solutions. By clicking on the link you will find out why the train turned out to be the fastest means of transport.